German influence in the Mexican Revolution.

The Story of an Enigma Comes into the Open after 100 Years of Secrecy!

I had over six years of nerve raking [sic] excitement and felt that I need[ed] a more peaceful occupation. But I wish to add here that during these years of participation in Mexican political affairs I have at all times used, whatever influence I had, to maintain peace and friendly relations with the United States...That is all I have to say at this time...
— Felix A. Sommerfeld, New York 1915

Felix A. Sommerfeld wrote this to a friend about his supposed retirement in 1915. As Germany's highest placed intelligence agent on the American continent, as chief of the Mexican Secret Service and confidential agent for President Madero, Governor Venustiano Carranza, and General Francisco "Pancho" Villa, Sommerfeld indeed experienced but more importantly created his share of excitement between 1908 and 1914.  

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