I am floating on a cloud in seventh heaven: Another picture of Felix A. Sommerfeld surfaced. The grandson of Sommerfeld's secret service handler in Mexico City in 1912 found it! Thank you! The picture with Sommerfeld (second from stage left) was taken in May 1911, just after the forces of Mexican revolutionary leader and future president Francisco I. Madero had won the battle of Ciudad Juarez. It was taken at the house of German Consul Max Weber. Although no other pictures of the German Consul of Chihuahua  have surfaced, I venture to bet that the balding man on stage right is him: Sommerfeld's secret service boss Otto Kueck.

From left unknown man, Felix A. Sommerfeld, Mrs. Elena Arizmendi, Francisco I. Madero, Max Weber, Sara Perez de Madero, Mrs. Max Weber, unknown woman (maybe one of the Ketelsen daughters), unknown man (likely Consul Otto Kueck), unknown woman (likely Emilie Kueck)  

His wife, Emilile, was the daughter of the wealthy merchant and former German consul Emil Ketelson. When her father died, she and her two siblings inherited a whopping one million pesos ($11 million in today's value).

Why am I so excited? I wrote in "In Plain Sight" that Sommerfeld worked for the German government in 1911 while at the same time serving as Francisco Madero's secret service chief and bodyguard. Sommerfeld denied this vehemently, claiming that he barely knew the German consuls of the era. Suddenly we find a photo with all of them in it: Sommerfeld, Kueck, Weber, and Madero. More puzzle pieces falling into place....  

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