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"In Plain Sight" is an excellent book to bring the story of the Mexican Revolution to life. Sommerfeld came to Chihuahua in 1908 just as the simmering uneasiness with Dictator Porfirio Diaz turned into open conflict. As a German naval intelligence agent, Sommerfeld joined the anti-reelectionist movement, witnessed Francisco Madero's rise to power, and defended Madero's presidency against attacks from the right and the left. The story of the causes and course of the Mexican Revolution comes to life through the eyes of a German spy. 

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Borrow the Book!

These Libraries Carry The Book:

As of now fifty libraries in the United States, one in Germany, one in Great Britain, one in Mexico, and one in Canada carry the book. Only two have so far added it to their catalogue. Here are the links:

Deutsche Nationalbibliotek

Library of Congress

University of California at Berkley, Bancroft Library

Cornell University, Center for Latin American Studies

University of Florida, Smathers Library

University of New Mexico, Albuquerque

University of Pittsburgh, Hillman Library

University of Texas at Austin

Rappahannock County Public Library



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