The Secret War Council, Germany’s spy organization in New York, received orders from Berlin to stop the flow of munitions through terrorism in January 1915. German agents in the U.S. firebombed freighters on the high seas, incited labor unrest, fomented troubles along the Mexican-American border, and damaged or destroyed dozens of American factories and logistics installations. The German secret war against the United States in 1915, its discovery and publication, combined with the disastrous sinking of the Lusitania in May of that year, did much to prepare the American public to finally accept joining the Entente powers against Germany in 1917. This is the story of a group of German agents in the United States, who executed this mission.

Von Feilitzsch’s meticulous research clears away decades of misconceptions and mysteries about the intelligence war during the Mexican Revolution. - Mark Benbow, author of Leading Them to the Promised Land: Woodrow Wilson, Covenant Theology and
the Mexican Revolution: 1913-1915

With rare skill and an eagle-eye, Heribert von Feilitzsch has untangled a Gordian knot of a story, with characters that seem hatched from a novel: the German sabotage effort against the United States in World War I, using everything from firebombs, cigar bombs, Anthrax, a multitude of ingeniously destructive chemical shenanigans, and a secret war to disrupt Mexican oil production. This is a vitally important story for understanding not only World War I, but revolutionary Mexico. - C.M. Mayo, author of Metaphysical Odyssey into the Mexican Revolution