The Secret War Council, a group of diplomats, businessmen, secret agents, and propagandists, organized, financed, and implemented Germany’s war strategy towards the United States starting in the summer of 1914. Its chief, an anglophile German government administrator with
management experience named Heinrich F. Albert, proved to be an able executor of the tasks Berlin assigned to him. German agents proceeded to organize blockade running operations, attacks on Canada, intelligence gathering, and massive propaganda efforts.

The Secret War Council is a carefully researched study of Imperial Germany`s secret war against the still neutral United States from 1914 to 1917. Propaganda and sabotage, managed by Heinrich F. Albert, the financial agent of the German Emperor, finally forced President Wilson to enter World War I. An important contribution to our understanding of the casus belli 100 years ago.Reinhard R. Doerries, Professor of Modern History, Author of Imperial Challenge